hurricane_dorianHurricane Dorian was a category five and that is always very scary. The whole state of Florida was on edge as we waited for practically a week to see where Dorian was actually going to hit. The bad news was that the storm stalled over the Bahamas and caused absolute catastrophic damage to those islands and the people there have a ton of issues to now deal with. Our hearts go out to the Bahamas and the Bahamian people. There are plenty of ways that you can donate to the people there.

The good people at the Miami Dade Fair, yes that fair that has the big festival every year, has set up a gofundme and you can CLICK HERE to help those in need the Bahamas. And boy, do they desperately need it.

The good news for us in South Florida is that we were spared of any of the serious issues that others have suffered. It seems more and more likely that the path of Hurricane Dorian is to basically just hug the whole east coast going all the way up. Let’s hope and pray that nobody along the coast gets hit with any of this dangerous storm.

The storm has also weakened a bit as the once dangerous 5 has dropped to a 3 as of this story.

So come on down to The Dive Bar and have a beer and celebrate that you are safe and clear from Hurricane Dorian. If beer is not your thing, wine and cocktails are also being served, and remember that The Dive Bar has great pub grub, karaoke all week, live bands all month long, lot’s of cool and happy people, great vibes, stiff cocktails, and the best staff this side of the Mississippi. We hope to see you down here ASAP. We will save a stool for you.


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