One of the coolest things about The Dive Bar is that it still hosts live music all the time from some of the coolest bands in South Florida. Whether it is classic rock, cover bands, reggae vibes or even heavy metal rock, The Dive Bar has a band that is sure to rock your world.

Here are five bands that perform regularly at The Dive Bar. We love them. The fans love them. And we are sure that you will love them. You just gotta get down here to see one of these five cool AF bands that play live at The Dive Bar.


1 – Crazy Fingers (Grateful Dead Tribute Band)

Crazy Fingers performed their first official show at a private party at Ultimate Farms in Delray Beach FL on Halloween, in 1990.

The original band’s lineup was Bubba Newton on bass, Pete Lavezzoli on drums, Mike Greene on rhythm guitar, and Al Zilinsky on lead guitar. In 1993, Corey Dwyer and Rich Friedman joined the band, with Corey on keyboards and guitar, and Rich on guitar. Both Rich and Corey also sang, joining Pete to give Crazy Fingers a three-part vocal sound. Within a year of Rich and Corey’s arrival, the band began touring the state of Florida.


Crazy Fingers opened for national acts and wrote original music which has been recorded on two CDs to date. By the mid 90’s, keyboardist Josh Foster began joining the band for special events and statewide shows.

Through a series of brief changes in the lineup and settled it’s longest lineup of Bubba, Pete, Corey, Rich, and Josh. In 2014 the band lost Corey to a tragic car accident. It was a huge blow to the band yet even through tough times the band has managed to continue.

In 2015 Bubba left and the band was forced to find his replacements. Jarrett Aaronson joined the band on bass and in 2015 the search for a guitar player ended with Johnny Nichols joining the band. Jarrett left in 2016 and Bubba Newton returned to complete the current lineup.

The current Crazy Fingers roster is Rich, Josh, Pete, Bubba, and Johnny, keeping the band alive and continuing to play on a weekly basis throughout the state of Florida. To this day Crazy Fingers has played over 5,000 live shows.

This has led to a devoted following and a nationwide reputation as one of the premier Grateful Dead tribute bands.


2 – Sippin’ Fire (South Florida Rock & Contemporary Hits Cover Band)

Sippin’ Fire is a super cool cover band led by a “fiery” lead singer Karina Raynolds. The band is also made up of Dany Roy on electric guitar & vocals, Ansley Wolak on bass guitar & vocals, Ken Quistff on drums & vocals, & JC Vazz on keyboard.


Karina was born in Jerusalem, Israel. When she turned fourteen her family moved to the United States where she involved herself in musicals & high school shows. She went on to sing the National Anthem at baseball events, for the Mets & Cardinals, and kept herself busy at church on the praise & worship team.

She currently enjoys singing at clubs, bars & other events with the “Sippin Fire” band. Her love for music continues & if anyone has watched her perform they’ll see the passion she has. Her dynamic and powerful sucks you right into her performance.


3 – The Banditos (All Request Duo Band)

the_banditos_duoThe Banditos are a high energy acoustic duo with Arthur on guitar and Mark on piano. This duo has been entertaining crowds in Palm Beach, Broward County, and Dade County. The show revolves around active participation with the audience. Everything from taking requests (whether they know them or not) to bringing fans up on stage and making THEM the frontman for their favorite song of choice! These two are ideal for any venue that is looking to sustain that “Party All Night” vibe.

4 – Chili Pilots (Red Hot Chili Peppers & Stone Temple Pilots Tribute)

Chili Pilots are unique in that they celebrate playing tribute to Stone Temple Pilots & Red Hot Chili Peppers. They cover their multitude of notable hits (42 strong) while infusing a diverse blend of classic rock, grunge, & alternative rock blocks and some GREAT one hit wonders too! (63 & growing)

5 – Limerock (Classic Rock Cover Band)

Limerock is Florida’s premier high energy Rock N Roll Band. Performing in a concert like atmosphere playing the best of Van Halen, The Beatles, AC/DC, Led Zepplin, Journey, Tool, Tom Petty, Rolling Stones, Lynrd Skynrd, ZZ Top, Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Allman Brothers, Aerosmith and a plethora of current and classic rock hits.
Limerock consists of Joel Fischbein, Dave Manack, Louie Echavarria, George Stoner, Henri Dessisore & Rick Friedlander.


Tel:+1 (954) 565-9264


3233 N Ocean Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


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