michael_williams_mugshotIt always seems to be a Florida man, doesn’t it? People in Florida just love to break the law. Well, here is a story that is no different from the usual ones you see on the internet. A Florida man named Michale Williams was arrested on Saturday after allegedly relieving himself (pissing) in a nightclub’s ice machine, police investigators have said.

Williams, 28, was at 260 First, a nightclub in St. Petersburg, Florida, around 2:30 a.m. when police spotted him “urinating inside the ice chest used to distribute ice throughout the club,” according to court documents. Obviously, this guy is classy. I mean only a guy who has the greatest of taste will do something like this.

Club security guards tried to kick Williams out of the nightspot but he “actively resisted.” This too is a big surprise. What is more surprising than a drunk thug at a nightclub at 2:30 a.m. resisting getting tossed?

When police arrived, Williams was arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. In addition to misdemeanor possession after marijuana after they found a bag during a pat-down. Another surprise…a sack of weed on the perp.

Online records from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office indicate Williams was released from jail after posting bond. We will assume the bond was quite low.

We can wholeheartedly promise that there will never ever be a patron that pisses in our ice machines. We obviously frown on it, and we just have a classier set of patrons. We are the Dive Bar and it’s just how it is. And remember that The Dive Bar has great pub grub, karaoke all week, live bands all month long, lot’s of cool and happy people, great vibes, stiff cocktails, and the best staff this side of the Mississippi. We hope to see you down here ASAP. We will save a stool for you.


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