carson_king_venmoDuring college football games it is common that people hold up signs. They really have fun with this when College Gameday on ESPN shows up to your town. Gameday stopped into Ames, Iowa for the the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. It was there that the magical sign was spotted on TV. The sign seemed innocent enough. It said, “Busch Light supply needs replenished ~ Venmo ~ Carson-King-25”

Not only did his sign get on TV, but his Venmo account started filling up. King hadn’t realized his sign made it on TV. He also had no idea that fans watching from all over the country had started sending him money until his friend saw notifications popping up, one after another, on King’s phone.

Within 30 minutes, King had $400. Initially, he thought it was funny, that he could enjoy a night out and afford to restock his beer supply. But the money kept coming. Once it hit $600, King thought there was a better way to put this money to use than a few beers with his friends.

When it hit $1,600, he said he would donate “all but enough for a case of Busch Light” to the University of Iowa’s Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

Thanks to the sign going viral, King’s Venmo account had $32,535.03 in it by Wednesday morning and surpassed $36,000 by that afternoon. He’s going to keep the donation option available though September 30 for others to contribute.

Once all the publicity began to go viral, donations were coming in from all over.

Since going on Scott Van Pelt’s show on ESPN, King received $75,000 in donations, which, with companies matching it, pushed the total amount to $225,000 as of Thursday afternoon.

Busch and Venmo tweeted that they’ll both match his donation, which actually makes King’s total three times larger.carson-king-busch-light-can

Additionally, a local construction company is donating $300 for every roof it installs through the end of the month.

Busch beer is also giving King a year’s supply of beer. They even made a special can with Carson’s face on the cans.

This truly is a feel-good story, and children in need are going to benefit. We are proud that so many people rallied around a funny sign to good for so many young children. While we at The Dive Bar don’t have a Venmo for you to send money to, we do have great pub grub, karaoke all week, live bands all month long, lot’s of cool and happy people, great vibes, stiff cocktails, and the best staff this side of the Mississippi. We hope to see you down here ASAP. We will save a stool for you.



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